Stone Hill's Partnership Makes Selling
Residential and Agricultural Property Effortless


Uncomplicated Selling Procedures Await

We can help you sell your preferred residential and agricultural holdings to the correct clients in rather easy ways possible

Selling Your Holdings to the Correct Client

Determining the correct customer is a huge pain. Stone Hill can significantly simplify your job and ensure that the complete project is effective.

Sale Procedure of Residential and Agricultural Lands 

Stone Hill analyses the prospect of selling residential and agricultural properties for clients in the same way that it evaluates acquiring land. As we all know, completing the procedure without expert assistance is considerably time-consuming.

Here’s where our establishment chimes in, with all of the necessary knowledge and background. The following are the actions used to accomplish this:
A selling deal is formed with the owner who is marketing it.

Signing of Listing Agreement with Seller 

With the Seller’s consent, we sign up the agreement for the property’s sale to other potential buyers.

Legal Document Verification 

After verifying the piece of property, Stone Hill starts taking care of all the legal documents into consideration.

Survey and Cleaning of Property 

With all documents readied, the property is meticulously cleaned & set up for aesthetic reasons.

Photoshoot of Property 

With a fresh & clean makeover, a professional photo shoot of the property is carried out by us.

Marketing of Property in Various Channels 

With the graceful photos in place, we put the property on display on multiple channels for promotions.

Site Visits for Prospective Clients 

Potential clients are all welcomed by us to check out and gauge the piece of property up for sale.

Initial Negotiations with Prospective Clients 

With all the obligations in check, Stone Hill sets up initial negotiations with eventual clients.

Final Negotiations with Prospective Clients and Sellers 

After getting through all the particulars and interests, Stone Hill sets the deal for the property comprehensively.

Agreement of Sale and Sale Deed.

After an informal agreement with the clients, we make things official with the agreement of sale & sale deed.


The registration of the property is carried out once the Sale Deed ownership transfer is formally complete.


The chosen piece of property that you wanted to sell now stands sold and is handed over securely!

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