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Mr. Jakkula Srinivas Reddy

Managing Partner

Starting off as a young apprentice at his father’s printing press, Mr. Srinivas Reddy wholeheartedly took to the family business and by the time he was 22, upgraded the existing letterpress machine to an offset machine. While in the printing industry, he ventured into supplying re-conditioned printing equipment under the name “Harsha Graphics” which was a successful enterprise. Mr. Reddy’s clients include well-known names in Hyderabad such as Kalajyothi, Caxton and Golden Press. With such a wide body of experience, he decided to pursue his interest in the real estate sector by conceptualizing STONE HILL with the aim to transform today’s real estate industry into an organized corporate sector.

Mr. Sashi Kiran Reddy Jakkula

Chief Executive Officer

After a boarding school stint in Ooty at the age of 10, he started working part-time in the family business-“Harsha Graphics” under the guidance of his father. Sashi graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York with Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Marketing (dual degree). Being new to real estate, Sashi found it extremely difficult to understand the procedures but saw a future in real estate and STONE HILL Real Estate was a culmination of his vision. His roots and passion for the printing industry still remain but he is a firm believer that the revolution in the real estate industry is a game changer. He brings a fresh perspective to the leadership at STONE HILL.

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